Yachiyo Nanami is a major character in Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story.

Personality Edit

Yachiyo is a calm individual who usually prefers to work alone due to her wish being somewhat corrupted by Kyubey, though she is more sociable than Homura Akemi, who has a somewhat similar personality to hers.

Appearance Edit

Yachiyo Nanami is a young woman with pale, dark blue hair and bright cobalt eyes.

In her Magical Girl form, she wears a sleeveless blue star-covered dress with the colour fading into a darker shade at the end, with skintight grey sleeves on her arms and a silver gold-trimmed breastplate, as well as brown gloves with yellow details and a golden trinket around her upper thigh. She wears a blue bow around her neck and a golden necklace with a gold-trimmed blue moon pendant around her neck, visible just below her breastplate. She pairs her outfit with brown strapped heels with sapphires on them. She also wears a headpiece with long white strings decorated at the end with blue gems and a round gold-trimmed blue hairpin on either side of her hair. Her weapon is an intricately designed halberd that carries the same colour scheme as her outfit.

Doppel Description Edit

"The Doppel of admittance. Its form is a ticket puncher. The master of this Doppel dreams of the day she will begin her journey, following in the footsteps of all the friends she has parted from. The light from the lantern at the end of the Doppel's tail can call forth a myriad of illusions, and the scissors are said to cause great devastation in the near futures of those who have been harmed by them. As Magical Girls get older, their emotional range becomes smaller, and such is the case for this master, who cannot separate her body from her Doppel."

Trivia Edit

  • Nanami means "seven seas".

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