A list of various weapons and their users.

Weapons in Madoka MagicaEdit

Mami TomoeEdit

Mami Tomoe uses percussion-lock rifled muskets, a type of gun, as her primary weapon. She Also uses ribbons to tie up her enemies, bullet strings, and large cannons.

Madoka KanameEdit

Madoka Kaname uses a rose bow and magical arrows. In her magical girl form, she is seen wielding the holy bow.

Homura AkemiEdit

Homura Akemi uses countless weapons. Her main is her time traveling shield and firearms. As a witch, she uses her minions. In episode 12, she is seen holding an ebony bow, similar to Madoka's. As seen in previous timelines and the Rebellion movie, Homura stops time then proceeds in using guns and explosives on the enemy.

Sayaka MikiEdit

Sayaka Miki uses a cutlass, a type of sword. In her witch form, she uses ornamental swords and wheels of fate as seen in episode 9 and 10.

Kyoko SakuraEdit

Kyoko Sakura uses a modular spear that can also come apart. In emergencies, she can also summon an "impulse" spear, which is like her normal weapon but easier and quicker in summoning. Lastly, she can summon a scorpion spear as a last resort, as seen when she is fighting Oktavia von Seckendorff.