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Japanese Edit

Aoi Yuuki Edit


Madoka Kaname

Born March 27, 1992 Edit
Height: 4′ 9″ Edit
Education: Waseda University Edit
Music group: Petit Milady Edit

Chiwa Saito Edit

Saito Chiwa

Homura Akemi

Born: March 12, 1981 Edit
Height: 5′ 0" Edit
Music group: みっくすJUICE Edit

Kaori Mizuhashi Edit

Mizuhashi Kaori

Mami Tomoe

Born: August 28, 1974 Edit
Height: 4′ 11″ Edit

Eri Kitamura Edit

Kitamura Eri

Sayaka Miki

Born: August 16, 1987  Edit
Height: 5′ 1″ Edit
Music Group: Artery Vein Edit

Ai Nonaka Edit

Nonaka Ai

Kyoko Sakura

Born: June 8, 1981 Edit
Height: 5′ 1″ Edit
Education: Aoni's Seiyū Coaching School Edit

Emiri Katou Edit

Katou Emiri


Born: November 26, 1983 Edit
Height: 5′ 1″ Edit

English Edit

Christine Marie Cabanos
Christine Marie

Madoka Kaname

Born: July 12, 1988 Edit
Education: California State University, FullertonEdit
Christina Valenzuela

Homura Akemi

Also known as Christina Vee Edit
Born: July 11, 1987 Edit
Education: California State University, Long Beach Edit
Carrie Keranen

Mami Tomoe

Born: January 16, 1987 Edit
Education: University of Michigan Edit
Sarah Anne Williams
Sarah Williams

Sayaka Miki

Born: April 22 Edit
Lauren Landa
Lauren Landa2

Kyoko Sakura

Born: June 9, 1988 Edit
Cassandra Moris
Cassandra Lee


Also known as Cassandra Lee Edit
Born: April 19, 1982 Edit
Education: New York University Edit