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Tomohisa Kaname is the husband of Junko Kaname and the father of Madoka Kaname and Tatsuya Kaname.


Tomohisa is a handsome young man with medium light-brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears glasses rimmed with taupe brown, a baggy long sleeved shirt, khakis and dark brown shoes.


Tomohisa is a kind man that supports his family. He is a stay-at-home dad and does the chores around the house.


  • The name Tomohisa could possibly mean "friend" (tomo) and "long time, old story" or "congratulations, longevity, one's natural life" (hisa).
  • Tomohisa's surname Kaname means "pivot, cornerstone, keystone".
  • Gen Urobuchi  stated that he created a family with a kind father and a strong mother to make a strong background for Madoka and to develop a sense of courage.
  • Tomohisa is the tallest character out of all of the human Madoka Magica characters.