Sana Futaba is a character in the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story anime.

Personality Edit

Sana is quiet and somewhat shy. She is used to being alone, due to her wish.

Appearance Edit

Sana is a teenage girl with pale, wavy, teal hair tied into pigtails and teal matching eyes as well as a thin, petite build.

In her Magical Girl form, she wears a silver breastplate and steel cuffs around her upper arms and silver armoured leg guards along with a white, emerald green-trimmed ruffled skirt with a cross design dotting the front. She wears a pinstriped sweater and socks, as well as Esther gloves and a brown, leather belt around her waist. She sports silver, steel high-heeled boots. She wears a golden crown-like headband with emerald-coloured gems around her head and golden trinkets. She also wears a white veil on her head and a white mini-cape around her waist. Her weapon is a large, golden-trimmed emerald-coloured shield with emeralds decorating the top that are lined with gold.

Trivia Edit

  • Her family considered her as a disgrace to them due to not being as academically smart as her brother or as athletic as her other brother. They even told her to isolate herself from them and email them if they needed anything.

Gallery Edit

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