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Oktavia von Seckendorff is the witch form of Sayaka Miki.


The mermaid witch; it is in her nature to fall in love. Looking for the feeling that moved her so long ago, she moves with the entire concert hall. Her fortune only turns under the weight of memories and no longer moves toward the future. Nothing will reach her any longer. She will come to know nothing more. She simply allows no one to disturb her minions' playing.

Timeline III[]

The mermaid witch. Her nature is to fall in love. The witch continues to dream of a guitar resounding in the middle of a concert hall, a deeply moving impression from past days. Repeating within that time with little but sure differences, her wheels of fate move around calmly.

Rebellion Story[]

The Mermaid Witch. Once dreamt of love. This witch was cut loose once again from a part of the Law of Cycles. Unlike the Dessert Witch, the human and witch's body can act independently. She can appear anywhere as long as there is water.

Kyouko's Spear[]

The Mermaid Witch. Once dreamt of love. The Law of the Cycle split off some of its souls and sent them to the earth. One of them took the form of Dessert. Another took on the form of a mermaid. And the Law of Cycles itself descended upon the surface, more reverently than the morning dew. Her form was like that of a magical girl who once was.


Holger (Main Timeline)[]

The mermaid witch's minion, whose duty is to perform. Several of them form a hollow orchestra that continually plays music for the witch. People who listen to their music for long enough will lose their soul. This orchestra only exists for its witch; to her, the orchestra is everything.

Klarissa (Timeline III)[]

The mermaid witch's minion, whose duty is a backup dancer. She only exists to dance cheerfully behind the witch. Klarissa's appearance is oddly similar to Hitomi.

Anthony (rental ver.)[]

Servants of the Rose Garden Witch (rental ver.). They take the role of gardeners. As they are relatively docile and numerous, as far as familiars go, the Rose Garden Witch dispatched them as the main combat force for saving Homura. As they are under the direct command of the Mermaid Witch, the influence of her magic has changed their appearances. The medals on their chests are a treasure added by the Rose Garden Witch.

Doppel Version[]


"The Doppel of unrequited love. Its form is a mermaid. The master of this emotion suffered from young love and chose a fate so harsh that she could not bear it alone. As such, the Doppel dreams of love while it swims effortlessly through the air, playing a song for its master from its vast hollow body. It can control several swords to attack its enemies with the soundwaves that emanate from its body, but as long as the master uses it, she cannot flee from the discontent that troubles her heart."


"The Doppel of romance. Its form is a mermaid. Though the master of this emotion has been anguished by love all the way to the year’s end, she’s positively delighted by this opportunity to don her favorite formal wear. Even so, the unease born out of her unchanging love still lurks within her heart, quietly tormenting its master. Her Doppel has been just as lovesick, but when clad in these auspicious symbols, its confidence soars. Its glow practically seems to bestow good fortune and ward off disaster, and it fearlessly charges forward no matter what obstacles may lay in its path. Those crushed by its sheer force will witness the sun and Mount Fuji in their final moments, and will surely be able to put the sight into a masterful piece of brushwork."