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Mami Tomoe (巴 マミ Tomoe Mami?) is one of the five main Magical Girls in Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica anime and manga adaptions. She is an experienced Magical Girl who is very kind. She acts as Madoka and Sayaka's mentor. In later timelines, she is shown to be somewhat aggressive towards Homura.


Mami has very curly blonde hair, usually in twin drills. She has yellow square-shaped eyes. When in her civilian form, Mami is seen in her school uniform. In her Magical Girl form, she has beige skirt with black tips, and her top is a short-sleeved white shirt with puffs and arm warmers. In between her skirt and her top, she has a brown corset-like clothing garment. She also has a small brown hat with white fur coming out of it, as well as gray and white striped leggings, and black and yellow, knee-high boots.

In Ume Aoki's design notes, she states that her twisty, curly hair and floral hairpin make her seem like a big sister. She also says that Mami’s magical girl design was definitely centered around her image as a gunner.


Mami Tomoe appears to be a very kind, gentle, and cheerful girl, as seen in the episode, ”I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore.” She also reveals to Madoka Kaname that she is lonely and she tells her how and why she became a magical girl. Mami is very nice to everyone but she seems to dislike Homura Akemi. In Rebellion, it's seen that she took a liking to Bebe.


Before the anime

Mami was an only child who lived with her two parents before they were killed in a car crash. When she was seriously injured in the crash, Kyubey appeared before her and Mami wished to live. As a magical girl she longed to form a team with others like her, however it was hard to find people willing to partner with her. In the manga, The Different Story, it was revealed that she did met Kyoko and they started to work together. After the death of her family, Kyoko's relationship with Mami turned bitter and they were no longer friends.

Magical Girl

Mami's choice of weapon is a gun or two and ribbons. Her ribbons are tied around her neck and can be used to cut things or to tie people up, like a trap. They can also turn into a giant gun. Her guns are stylized after the 1600s styles of rifles with burning fuses and a single bullet, hence she shoots a rifle once before discarding it. The rifles are summoned from her own body and the larger guns follow the same mechanic. She would most of the time do the final blow with an attack called "Tiro Finale". She summons her larger gun when using the attack "Tiro Finale". She is shown to be a skilled fighter. She has fought evenly with Homura Akemi.

Mami's Various Guns

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  • The character for her last name (巴) means "comma design".
  • Her first name is written in katakana, which has no particular meaning. However, there are several kanji variations with the most suiting one being "graceful jewel" (雅珠), due to the fact that Magical Girls have their Soul Gems stored in accessories.
  • When Mami is killed by the witch Charlotte, the package that the witch seemingly bursts out of has a series of runes on its top left corner. One of the groups of runes spells out "Mami".
  • She was once good friends with Kyoko Sakura.
  • During the Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica anime, she is the only Magical Girl not to be seen in an outfit outside of the school uniform.