Kaede Akino is a character in the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story anime.

Personality Edit

Kaede is a gentle girl who likes nature.

Appearance Edit

Kaede is a teenage girl with red hair and golden-red eyes.

As a Magical Girl, she wears white stockings, brown shorts, a gold-lined red top that exposes her midriff with each side connected by a chain held together with red gems. She wears this underneath a poncho carrying the same colour scheme except with a large red bow in front and red gems decorating her shoulders with the one on the right side having a golden chain hanging on it, and a large dark beige witch's hat with a red gem attached to the top. Her hair is decorated with autumn leaves and she wears brown gloves on her arms. Her boots are brown with a wide opening and have red ribbons decorating them. Her weapon of choice is a large wooden cane with the top being unevenly curled into a hooked shape.

Trivia Edit

  • She seems to easily butt heads with Rena Minami.
  • Akino means "autumn" and "field".
  • Kaede written as "楓" means "maple tree".

Gallery Edit

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