Iroha Tamaki is the main protagonist of Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. Her goal is to retrieve her missing memories and recall what she wished for when she became a Magical Girl.

Personality Edit

Iroha is shy but determined. She is also kind to others. Her personality is much like Madoka Kaname's, but Iroha has a stronger will.

Appearance Edit

Iroha is a fifteen-year-old girl with pale pink hair that frames her face with two large bangs that cover the sides of her cheeks and her forehead. Her eye pupils are a pale, dark reddish-pinkish colour.

In her Magical Girl form, she wears a skintight brown suit with a pink ribbon tied around it. Over this, she wears a dark coloured crop top that exposes her belly button and tight shorts of the same colour; she also wears a short light pink pleated skirt with a pink belt, a white pink-trimmed cape with pink stripes running down the hood and dark coloured gloves. Her crossbow is brown with light pink details with two pink gems at the top and bottom which is attached to her arm with buckled leather straps. She also sports dark coloured thigh-high boots. She wears her soul gem on a golden necklace around her neck.

Doppel Edit

Normal Edit

"The Doppel of silence. Its form is a cuckoo. The master of this emotion is aware of how pitiful her Doppel is, and refuses to look at it. This Doppel wordlessly wraps around and strangles anything it doesn't want to hear as it continues its search for something to fill the hole in its heart. While it should be calling for someone, it is cowardly and afraid of acknowledging the reality it has concealed, and so it remains, silently covering its ears."

Swimsuit Edit

"The Doppel of silence. Its form is a cuckoo. The master of this emotion is in the slow process of accepting herself on her journey to find her sister. Her excitement for the summer has also made her a bit cheerier. This mood is reflected in the Doppel's clothing and mast, giving the impression that it's being unreasonably influenced by its master's temporary emotional state. In other words, its appearance is only skin-deep. Despite being optimized for battle at sea, its master cannot swim, which hinders its movements somewhat. It simply attacks enemies in front of it with all the power at its disposal."

Trivia Edit

  • Iroha means "the fundamentals" or "the ABCs". Probably a reference to her role as a protagonist.
  • Tamaki (環) means "ring".

Gallery Edit

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