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Gertrud is a witch introduced in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


Gertrud is a Rose Garden Witch with a distrustful nature. She holds roses dearer than anything else. She expends all of her power for the sake of beautiful roses. Despite stealing the life-force of humans who wander into her barrier to give to her roses, she loathes the thought of them trampling the inside of her barrier.



The witch's minion. His duty is landscaping. His mustache is set by the witch.

Anthony (rental ver.)[]

Servants of the Rose Garden Witch (rental ver.). They take the role of gardeners. As they are relatively docile and numerous, as far as familiars go, the Rose Garden Witch dispatched them as the main combat force for saving Homura. As they are under the direct command of the Mermaid Witch, the influence of her magic has changed their appearances. The medals on their chests are a treasure added by the Rose Garden Witch.


The rose garden witch's minion. His duty is to act as lookout. Upon seeing a human, he will sound a warning bell and headbutt him mercilessly. They have 2.5 (20/8) vision. The smaller type can change into rose vines to hinder intruders.


  • When Gertrud's barrier first opens up to Homura Akemi, a series of runes is shown for about half a second. When put into words, this phrase is "das sind mir unbekannte blumen." This translates to "These are unknown flowers to me."
    • Shortly after the first series of runes, another series appears, translating in German to "Kein durchgang zutritt." This translates in English to "No access." This hints that Gertrud in magical girl form isolated herself, often alone in her garden. This may be a cause of her nature: mistrust.
    • Another series of runes in German, "Bekampfe schadliche Insekten!" Which means "fight harmful insects!" This could prove that Gertrud, in human form, was passionate about protecting her garden.