Miracles and Magic Are Real (奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ Kiseki mo, Mahou mo, Aru Ndayo?) is the fourth episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It originally aired on January 27th, 2011 in Japan and is produced by SHAFT.

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Madoka and Sayaka are both very uncertain after Mami's death.  Madoka has doubts and tells Kyubey she is too afraid. She goes to Mami's former home, and finds Homura outside. Meanwhile, Sayaka is visiting Kyousuke Kamijo again. Kamijo finds out she will never use his left arm again and gets mad at Sayaka despite her doing nothing wrong.

Madoka, after visiting Mami's former home, runs into Hitomi Shizuki, finding out she has a witch's kiss. Madoka follows her, only to find out she is meeting for collective suicide. Madoka is overwhelmed, and attempts to stop them by convincing them, and fails. She then flings the bucket out the window and, in the process, she gets caught in a barrier.


Sayaka, now A Magical Girl.

This witch uses images of Mami's death to demoralize Madoka. When she is at her limit, Sayaka appears, now a magical girl, and defeats the witch. Homura is not pleased by the fact that Sayaka is a magical girl. 

The episode ends with Kyoko Sakura, saying she will fight Sayaka for control of Mitakihara Town.

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  • An outside view of the hospital is shown which matches a scene from the destroyed city in episode one.
  • A group of people attempt to commit suicide by mixing bleach with a toilet cleaner that contains hydrochloric acid to generate chlorine gas, which is toxic and has been used as a chemical weapon.
  • The witch said "It was very fun, let's go again. Next time with a Bentou" (今日は本当に楽しかったねえ、また行きたいね。今度はお弁当持って行こう) in reverse speech right before Madoka entered the witch's barrier.
  • The Guidebook indicates Elly's labyrinth design as a Snowglobe. It has the line, "I have only one wish. Box up that memory." It states that when the Witch dies, the lights on the Christmas tree and merry-go-round short out. There's a 'basssh!' sound.
    • In accordance with her wish to box up a memory, Elly examines Madoka's memories and captures them in her monitors. The screens show images of Mami and her death.
  • Elly's grief seed was not visible in the original TV version, leading to erroneous speculation that she was only a familiar, but it did appear in the AT-X and BD/DVD versions. See the episode revisions page for more changes that were made in the BD version.
  • The TV version showed detailed labels on the bottles of cleaning chemicals, but they were replaced with blank gray bottles in the BD version.

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